Movement is truly important to me, I've been playing sports all my life.

I started my studies in Sport Coaching at the University of Physical Education. The anatomical and physiological material I acquired here contributes a great deal to my current work. I graduated and received my degree in 2015.

“Easing one's physical pain and treating musculoskeletal disorders of psychic origin is always my focus.“


I started to further my studies on the International Academy of Massage in 2016.

I gained more experience in the field of anatomy. With the guidance and help of my teacher, Dr. Károly Szántai, I absorbed clinic knowledge and I also familiarized myself with the foundations of massage. Since 2018 I have been working as a graduate Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist.

“I would like to help those who seek my services as much as I can. It is my top priority to pass on crucial information about preserving health and cured state in the long run.”


I started getting to know the FDM therapy in 2020,

and I successfully completed the first step. This well-known method makes it possible for me to treat symptoms and reduce pain more efficiently. My long-term goals include continuously expanding my knowledge and being a skilled, well-educated Movement Therapist.

“Mit válaszolnék, ha megkérdeznék tőlem, hogy miért érdekel ez a szakma? Mert segíthetek embereken. Olyan embereken, akikkel lehet, hogy egyébként sehol máshol nem találkoznék. És nem csak segítek rajtuk, meg is ismerem őket. Rengeteget tanulok tőlük és azokból a dolgokból amiket velem megosztanak.“